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Behind the Shirt: Black Joy, Rest & Liberation

I came up with this shirt idea sometime in mid 2023, but like many ideas, it sat in my note app for a while. But as the end of Black August approached—a time to remember and honor the legacies and sacrifices of Black freedom fighters and political prisoners—I decided to launch this shirt. It was perfect timing, in my opinion, as it's a reminder that the journey toward liberation is not just about the struggle, but also about finding moments of joy and embracing rest as acts of resistance. It celebrates the resilience of Black people, the power and necessity of self-care, and the beauty of living life on your terms—even as we still fight for freedom, equality, and justice for ALL of us. As Audre Lorde said, "Caring for...

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Behind the Shirt: DC Nights Hoodie

Most of yall know me as a Philly Jawn, but before the City pf Brotherly Love, I was all about that DC and Prince Georges County, MD life! Our newest hoodie is an ode to my old stomping grounds and my favorite three DC nightclubs. 

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